3rd year studies Social Housing project at Roma Tre
Team : Felix Graf, Antoine Geiger

The project is located on Via San Vito Romano, in Rome, Italy. A Masterplan has been established to divide 4 lots, we inherited from the 3rd one. The idea was to develop the intervention in the length of the field (300m) and create a compact street side, to rather open an interiority that would be common to the 4 lots, with a public garden in the southern part. The idea was also to take advantage of the topography to create a common skyline, proposing higher and more compact buildings towards the main street side, which is also where the denier city is located. This way we can propose more of a village situation with buildings that don't exceed 2 stories, on the highest part of the hill. Our spot (3) is mixing two typologies. A main building containing 8 apartment per level on 3 levels, + 3 appartements on the ground floor. A second building, stepping over the next slab, is proposing 4 duplexes and 2 twin apartments more suitable for generation living. The Main building is, according to our masterplan, 15m large. Which allows us to create light cannons around which are articulated each apartment. The carpark is semi-underground as the street goes up, creating a compact blind street side facade for the -1 and 0 thanks to the storage rooms. We chose the language of the bricks, with different variations for either ventilation, lighting, aesthetic or static reasons. Every apartment has a south orientated terrace and the GF ones a private garden.