I took part in an architectural contest for COP21 organised by Maison de l'Architecture en Ile de France.This project was imagined within one month while starting my second year of architecture studies. It has been exhibited at UPMC and CROUS in Paris for the show "Là où nous sommes" organised by "Marcel.", an association of young curators.

HUTUKARA is the name given by the Yanomami people from the rain forest, to the association they created in 2004 to defend their rights and fight against the destruction of their land. The creation of this association and their step towards world medias is sign of a great determination, as they are the most isolated human society on earth.

"Hutukara" means "The part of the sky from which the earth is born" This word striked me a lot, so did their villages and ways of living. I took the position to restitute in Paris a primitive typology that carries a universal message.